Whitehot Magazine
By Paul Laster

A three-day visual arts festival in Nashville, Artville highlighted the city’s creative culture by turning the burgeoning Wedgewood Houston and Chestnut Hill neighborhoods into a lively realm for art, talks, music, food and crafts last week, September 29 – October 1, 2023.

Courtesy of NFocus Magazine

“As a native Nashvillian I had always wondered why we didn’t have some kind of an art week or art festival that celebrated our creative culture,” Artville co-founder Samantha Saturn told Whitehot Magazine on opening day. “My mom was an art dealer and I grew up with artists and there were a few galleries but always more artists. I had been organizing a craft festival, which my family founded 50 years ago, and when I moved back from New York I thought it would be great to build it into a public art festival. It was also an opportunity to show the world that while Nashville will always be known as a music city—and one that’s dear to my heart—we are also a very beautiful visual arts city.”

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