Our distinct portfolio provides investment opportunities across diverse real estate, with a specific focus on three sectors: hospitality, residential, and mixed-use communities.


AJ's overarching and consistent strategy for building investment platforms transcends property sectors, geographies, and market cycles. We believe our demonstrated ability to drive superior execution of business plans propels long-term value creation. Our dedication to vertical integration allows a depth and breadth of expertise to be applied across every aspect of the investment and development process.

AJ has a long track record of identifying distressed, undervalued, and underutilized properties and creating value through the application of our leading design, development, programming and tenant curation capabilities. We believe this allows us to deliver high-yielding spaces and attractive returns for investors. AJ aims to leverage our in-house branded platforms and management teams to further drive operations and outperformance relative to market competitors.

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Investment Approach

Opportunistic Highly-Targeted Investment Thesis

AJ targets what we perceive as “white space” opportunities in high-growth, high-culture areas with existing consumer demand, inherently beneficial characteristics, and an observable lack of thoughtful execution. AJ then seeks to create and reposition underutilized real estate within these areas to build communities of timeless spaces that we feel connect with consumers on a visceral level and build network effects for value-add tenants.

Differentiated Vertically Integrated Strategy

AJ utilizes development, adaptive reuse, and value-add strategies to generate opportunistic returns from assets that we see as underutilized, underappreciated, and undervalued. AJ aims to revitalize timeless spaces by melding our vertically-integrated expertise in design, placemaking, and hospitality to deliver authentically iconic projects and shape neighborhoods that attract locals, travelers, and tenants alike.

Creating Alpha and Scalability

AJ's focus on authentic consumer connections allows us to build trust within our communities, which we believe drives enhanced demand and rents for our projects and generates alpha relative to our competitors. In turn, our multi-disciplinary team seeks to build scalable businesses and branded platforms across hospitality, for-rent residential, and mixed-use community verticals.

Building Enduring Value

Through managing all aspects of the real estate investment process, AJ aims to curate every aspect of a project, delivering not only higher-quality execution but also better controls and faster executions, resulting in stronger outcomes for our partners. AJ has successfully applied this formula to $5.3 billion of assets across 100+ properties and 50+ geographic markets.

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