By Zoe Yarborough

If you’ve driven by Wedgewood Houston’s Merritt Mansion before, it’s impossible not to wonder about the estate’s past. Like a kid on her bike pedaling past the neighborhood “haunted” house, I’ve spent many a drive-by wondering: What is up with the old house at 441 Humphreys Street? Now, I know. And you can visit it, too! The first iteration of the estate’s new life is open through September: a mystical art gallery by tastemaker and curator Clarence Edward.

“Since 2015, when we acquired the May Hosiery Mills campus, our goal has always been to celebrate community and amplify the existing arts culture within Wedgewood Houston,” says Brandon Johnson, Vice President of Development and Construction at AJ Capital Partners. “Our vision for Merritt Mansion is to do just that — to shine a spotlight on Nashville’s roots and important voices by opening the historic property to the public. Clarence Edward is an excellent partner who helped keep our vision alive.”

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