Nashville Lifestyles
By Nicole Brown March

Located on 4th Ave. S., it’s nearly impossible to miss the stunning new 5,775-square-foot mural of concert tickets gracing the Wedgewood Houston neighborhood.

A giant love letter to Music City, the Big Tickets mural shares a bigger and often untold story of Nashville’s role in shaping multiple genres of music. From first-time visitors to locals, Big Tickets is an all-access pass to discover our city’s rich and diverse history of music-making by way of stubs from shows past.

It’s no surprise that Nashville has established itself as an integral component of the country music landscape, but as Big Tickets depicts, that role also extends into several other musical genres. A collaboration between three local teams, Adventurous Journeys (AJ) Capital Partners, Studio Delger, and Eastside Murals, the piece is a collage of 62 real concert stubs from shows involving more than 120 artists. The tickets span from the early 1900s through the present day, mapping iconic moments in Nashville’s music history with many of those artists and shows having a connection to the very neighborhood in which the mural is located.

“Once we understood how all these artists played a role in shaping each other’s careers we decided to create this massive collage where years, genres, etc. are literally overlapping each other. The visual composition is a metaphor for the real-life melting pot of cross-genre musical talent that has always been a vital part of Nashville’s DNA.” Lesley Florie, SVP of Brand Identity at Adventurous Journeys says.

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