Nfocus Magazine
By Emily Bache & Abigail Breslin

Known as a wonderfully art-centric neighborhood, Wedgewood Houston and Chestnut Hill became a blank canvas for dozens of artists during Artville. The visionary event took place between September 29th - October 1st. This annual visual arts festival founded by Samantha Saturn is a true celebration of Nashville’s creative culture and community.

Embarking on the outdoor art-walk, guests were able to “paint the town red” by exploring public art installations on almost every street corner. From fabrics and murals to sculptures and immersive experiences, all art forms were welcome. Many of the artists created pieces specifically for the space they were provided, making Artville all the more special.

"elemental" by Beth Reitmeyer

Some not to be missed moments were artist talks, a peek into Soho House’s garden, a barbecue at Jackalope Brewing Company, beer gardens, and even some enticing “after dark” events at Merritt Mansion, hosted by Clarence Edward of the cë gallery.

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"Plasticmen" by Alex Lockwood