Nashville Interiors
By Hollie Deese

Development in Nashville is happening at such a rapid pace that many locals are left wondering if we take care not to lose our city's history and vibe while we're busy being creative and cutting edge.

The neighborhood's history and architecture attracted Adventurous Journeys Capital Partners to set up their headquarters in Wedgewood Houston, and the real estate company has taken a special interest in paying homage to old Nashville amid the development boom they are bringing.

"Our approach is rooted in history," says Lesley Florie, senior vice president of brand identity at Adventurous Journeys. "We look to the existing texture of a project to inform the future of it. It is important to AJ that we not only honor this neighborhood's incredible texture and history but that we also create more opportunities for this unique creative energy to continue to thrive."

Since they moved to Wedgewood Houston in 2015, they have worked on May Hosiery Mills, Nashville Warehouse Co., and the AJ headquarters, and they have ongoing new projects in 2024.

[...]The multi-building historic restoration brought new life to the space while maintaining the original flooring and structure. Today, this mixed-use campus features six brick buildings set on four acres. It consists of 175,000 square feet of office, retail, and Soho House, a boutique hotel and private members club.

Nashville Warehouse Co., is the city's first large-scale mass timber project at the center of a 5.2-acre group-up redevelopment at the corner of Fourth and Chestnut. The campus features on-site parking, a fitness center, and a 273-unit residential building as well as The Malin.

Adventurous Journeys pays homage to old Nashville in ways that speak to the character of a location whenever they work on a redevelopment project.

"It's not just about the buildings themselves, but what happens around them," Florie says.

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