By Staff Writers

To honor one year into its Training Camp program, the LeBron James Family Foundation (LJFF), Graduate Hotels and Saira Hospitality have released a short film, “Heart of the House,” that chronicles the learning journey of House Three Thirty team members.

The LJFF, Graduate Hotels and Saira Hospitality first launched the Training Camp program at House Three Thirty, 532 W. Market St., one year ago. In that time, more than 59 team members have experienced the program.

The program was created to help I PROMISE students, parents, teachers and family members prepare for full-and part-time employment at House Three Thirty, offering rigorous and enriching training that builds knowledge, skills and confidence needed for a lasting career, while also placing a special emphasis on essential life skills including communication, social emotional learning and leadership. Every team member at House Three Thirty is cross-trained in each area of the venue that spans culinary, hospitality, retail, bartending and small-and-large event planning and service. “Our approach to employees and job training at House Three Thirty is unlike any model in the world,” said Michele Campbell, executive director of the LJFF. “We’re able to infuse our ‘We Are Family’ philosophy with the expertise of Graduate Hotels and Saira Hospitality to prepare our team members with more than just job skills — but also life, leadership and communication skills as well."

Graduate Hotels first collaborated with LJFF to establish the I PROMISE Village, an 18-unit transitional housing complex for families in need. The Graduate team designed the historic apartment building to meet modern living standards, accommodating over 80 families to date.

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