How Leaders Lead Podcast
With David Novak

Ben Weprin is the CEO of AJ Capital which includes the iconic line of Graduate Hotels. He has also developed hospitality partnerships with Field & Stream, Chip and Joanna Gaines, and even has a hotel on the 18th green at St Andrews. No matter what he’s working on, Ben always taps into the power of storytelling to connect with people.

“We have a real mission to humanize hospitality through space, and people are inspired by that. Our idea is to build most memorable places and spaces and really create the backdrop for memorable experiences. We look at a lot of overlooked markets that are consistent with our passions and our pursuits and then try to really humanize hospitality and manifest design driven spaces that reflect their community.” -Ben Weprin

Learn how to leverage the power of storytelling to build stronger brands and teams. Plus, advice for finding – and keeping – a strong hold in a crowded market.

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