Southern Living
By Rebecca Angel Baer

Now retired from professional football, the proud Vols alum is coming back to the east Tennessee college town he once called home. No, he's not relocating but he is opening a restaurant just steps away from that hallowed sports ground where he led his Vols to victory time and time again.

Saloon 16 gets its name thanks to a clever pairing from Manning's wife Ashley of his nickname, "The Sheriff" and his number while he played at UT, 16. The bar/restaurant concept will offer elevated bar fare and special experience for any Vols fan on a night out, as a pre-game meal, or even for the locals to hit up at lunchtime.

It will be a part of the Graduate Knoxville, the latest installment from Graduate Hotels, the collection of upscale hotels geared towards college towns and the loyal fans they draw. The Graduate Knoxville, opening its doors this week, boasts a color scheme that champions that famous Tennessee Orange with accents of white and blue and a décor rich with one-of-a-kind touches that UT alums will recognize and appreciate.

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