GOLF Magazine
By James Colgan

It is golf’s ultimate right of passage — a place where memories are immortalized, heroes are crowned and legends are born. It is, of course, the 19th hole, where drinks and laughs are shared after a long day on the links. And as of last week, it now exists with a perfect view of golf’s other ultimate rite of passage: the Old Course at St. Andrews.

Imagine the delight of a cold pint with a pristine view of Old Tom Morris’ historic design, or an Old Fashioned with the 700-year-old Swilcan Bridge looming on the horizon. At the rooftop at Rusacks St. Andrews hotel, the dream is real, no matter how at home it sounds tucked away in the glossy pages of a travel catalog.

The rooftop bar and restaurant, named “18,” is golf’s newest (and perhaps best-situated) 19th hole, complete with stunning views, luxury fare from an award-winning chef, and yes, a full bar stocked with enough spirits and taps to properly anoint the memories (or wash away the sorrows) from your round at the “Home of Golf.”

The bar was the headliner of a larger project to renovate Rusacks St. Andrews, which also added 44 rooms as part of the project. The space spans some 3,000 square feet high above the rolling fairways of the Old Course, featuring stunning views of one of the best vistas in the golf world — the famed 1st and 18th holes, including Swilcan Bridge. Out on the terrace, visitors will find putting mats and a one-of-a-kind view of the course from up above and beyond, the famed West Sands Beach.

In all, the bar marks the latest innovation around one of golf’s truly timeless locations, and the expansion of Graduate HotelsMarine & Lawn Hotels & Resorts collection — a grouping of luxury hotels located at some of golf’s most sought-after destinations.

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