Investment Platform Overview

Outpost Residential® is a pure-play real estate development and operations platform that delivers elevated single-family rental (SFR) communities. The platform is structured as a fully dedicated and vertically-integrated developer, builder, and operator of highly amenitized, purpose-built single-family rental communities.

Outpost is strategically focused on building communities of homes in the Southeast U.S. in order to participate in the region's dynamism and robust growth. AJ is actively targeting to deploy approximately $2.0 billion over the next five years and develop approximately 7,000 homes.

Key Figures

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Primary Attributes

Strong Market Demand

We believe the convergence of major demographic and cultural shifts will continue to drive renting versus owning as a primary “norm” of U.S. life. As a result, it is expected that the current supply of single-family rental units will not keep up with demand over the next decade. While large homebuilders and single-family developers are focusing on building communities in primary U.S. cities, Outpost plans to enter under-served markets in the Southeast to address the unmet needs of these markets.

Historically Low Housing Supply

New home construction—particularly in the single-family category—has been historically depressed over the last decade. Furthering this imbalance, we believe that millennials—the largest generation in American history—are poised to move into the single-family housing markets over the next decade.

Attractive Basis

Driven in part by Outpost’s ability to capture developer and builder profit through its vertically integrated platform, we believe Outpost provides a low total cost basis per home when compared to either average stabilized real estate value per home or average existing home values.

Dedicated Lifestyle Residential Brand

Purpose-built brand and operations dedicated to delivering Outpost communities that serve as elevated alternatives to traditional rental platforms and costly home-buying. AJ’s ethos melds residential and hospitality design tenets to deliver attractive environments that focus on shared experiences and reshape traditional residential norms.

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