Investment Platform Overview

Field & Stream Lodge Co.® is a branded hospitality platform built for travelers seeking authentic outdoor experiences and quality lifestyle lodging at an affordable price.

Field & Stream Lodge Co. targets markets where travelers congregate to enjoy the great outdoors with an abundance of recreation opportunities.

Established as a joint venture between Starwood Capital Group and AJ, Field & Stream Lodge Co. launched in Q4 2022 and is targeting a white space in the market by providing “class for the mass,” catering to guests seeking an affordable stay, but also providing high-quality design and unique experiences for the aspirational consumer.

At a Glance

Platform Launch Date
Number of Properties
Number of Keys
4,200 (Planned)

Primary Attributes

Strategic Destinations

Field & Stream Lodge Co. markets are those where travelers congregate to enjoy the great outdoors. The brand belongs in a wide range of destinations, from the Pacific Northwest to the welcoming shorelines of Florida. All Field & Stream Lodge Co. markets offer an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities.

Differentiated Product Positioning

A modern take on an American classic, Field & Stream Lodge Co. is strategically positioned at the intersection of lifestyle and limited-service hospitality, aiming to provide well-designed and quality lodging at affordable price points.

Rapid Scalability

Field & Stream Lodge Co. is focused on rapid scalability with a flexible rollout targeting both renovations and new construction. The limited-service model seeks to provide economies of scale allowing a leaner operating model than traditional hotels, resulting in higher flow-through and EBITDA margins.

Timeless Design

The timeless interiors of Field & Stream Lodge Co. aim to provide a fresh take on the long-standing history of sportsman culture and the enjoyment of authentic outdoor experiences.

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